Phone Answering Machine News

Yes, I still have a landline telephone on-call  York Daily Record

In one of those great mysteries of the universe, our home telephone landline stopped working the other week. It took us a few days to realize the phone was not ...

Aledo woman warns of Medicare scam but can't report it  KWQC-TV6

Targeted by scammers and nowhere to turn. An Aledo woman is warning about phone callers claiming to be from Medicare. It can't be reported because the ...

Why Is AI And Machine Learning So Biased? The Answer Is Simple Economics  Forbes

Biased training datasets and homogeneous workforces are contributing factors to AI bias, but the far bigger driving force is the lack of economic incentive to ...

10 Predictions For Customer Service In 2019  Forbes

Customer *service* is undergoing its most dramatic transformation since automatic call distribution prompted the beginning of call centers in the 70s.

Call numbers to HELP4WV for addiction help continue to climb above 30000  West Virginia MetroNews

The statewide referral *service* launched in September 2015.

ON YOUR SIDE: online banking services restored at Meritrust CU  KAKE

A power surge Friday caused a "complete hardware failure" affecting online and mobile banking at Meritrust Credit Union over the weekend.

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