Phone Answering Machine News

Long-distance calls to rural areas: 'Failure to complete' putting lives in danger  Jackson Clarion Ledger

In 2017, for the first time ever, the number of American households with no landline telephone *service* became greater than the number with a landline.

OF ALL THINGS: Taking your answer machine for a ride  Montgomery Newspapers

One of the more startling technologies to come along in this 21st century, at least to centurions of the previous century like me, is devices that answer your ...

I-TEAM: Don't answer the phone! Spoof calls expected to rise  WKBW-TV

BUFFALO, N.Y (WKBW) When the phone rings and it looks like a familiar number, we're quick to answer. But when you don't recognize the voice on the other ...

My Turn: Answer robocalls with a message from The King  Newsday

The recent news about robocalls takes me back to last November. I was coming in the back door loaded down with stuff for Thanksgiving. The phone was ...

How phone spam turned our favorite devices against us  The Mercury News

By Avi Selk | The Washington Post. The phones have turned on us. Our little pocket pals seduced us with cheap long distance, unlimited texts, endless apps.

Robocalls on the rise as phone service providers announce new tool to help fight back  KOMO News

Right now, some phone customers can get their phone *service* provider to verify a call is really from the number displayed on caller ID. But the *service* is limited ...

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